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We are a leading provider of freight and logistics services, offering a full range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a strong network of partners and a commitment to excellence, we deliver goods efficiently and reliably, anywhere in the world. Let us handle your transportation needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted partner

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As a certified shipping agency, we ensure seamless and efficient handling of all your shipping needs. Our team is trained and accredited by industry standards, guaranteeing reliable and compliant services at all times.

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At our company, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we offer 24/7 premium support to assist you with any inquiries or concerns. Our dedicated support team is always available to provide fast and knowledgeable assistance

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Enjoy Fast Shipping with Our Wide Range of Freight Services

Discover the solution to all your needs with our comprehensive range freight services. Browse now to find the perfect fit for you.

Air Freight

A fast and efficient shipping option that utilizes air transportation for time-sensitive items. This method is ideal for items that require quick delivery, but it can be more expensive compared to other options.

Ground Freight

Shipping option that utilizes ground transportation vehicles such as trucks, trains, and busses to deliver items. This method is cost-effective and suitable for non-urgent deliveries that don't require fast transit times.

Sea Freight

An economical shipping option for large, heavy items that can be transported via ocean-going vessels. This method is ideal for items that are not time-sensitive and can tolerate longer transit times, making it a cost-effective solution

Truck Load (FTL)

A shipping option that utilizes full truckload transportation for large shipments. This method is efficient for delivering large shipments that fill an entire truck, allowing for faster transit times and reduced handling.

Next day Delivery

Enjoy fast and reliable shipping for urgent needs. Ideal for small and time-sensitive packages, our next day delivery option ensures your items arrive at their destination within 24 hours. Get peace of mind with our efficient and trustworthy service.


Store your goods securely and efficiently with our warehousing services. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of items and our experienced staff ensures proper handling and protection of your assets.

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Speedee Prime Transport offers state-of-the-art facilities for storing products safely and securely, as well as cutting-edge tools for managing stock.


Speedee Prime Transport delivers cutting-edge technology-enabled procedures that support the highest-quality, reliable product storage and thorough inventory control. 


By designing, constructing, and running the highest-volume, highest-velocity material handling facilities and Work Center operations, we have the knowledge to assist you in managing your inventory and getting the right components to the right locations at the right time, and at the lowest cost.


Speedee Prime Transport offers the best, most reliable product storage as well as thorough inventory management, all backed by cutting-edge technologically enabled procedures.



Our team is always available online for shippers. We have a great team of determined agents representing our valued customers every step of the way. Our representatives handle the search for carriers and establish all the loading details for shippers to conveniently ship their items. Speedee Prime Transport is partnered with various top TL and LTL carriers in order to meet fast and reliable shipping needs and demands.

Enter your PRO number or Shipment ID number on the Tracking page to track the location of your shipment after the pickup has been made. Speedee Prime Transport has been available for freight, trucking, and shipping services since 1998. There are thousands of trucks and loads available for shipping purposes, daily. Our website makes it easily available for shippers to find freight and connect with carriers, whether it is a local, cross-country, or even an international destination, they are all covered by us. We are also available to all shippers, whether it is for business shipping or when shipping freight to a residence.

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Today’s retailers are confronted by savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an uncertain economic future. Shifts in the supply chain require wholesale distributors to operate more efficiently. Our Retail, Wholesale & Distribution practice offers insights and services tailored for your organization.


Consumer goods packaging is a diverse and creative industry and is vital to adding value, providing protection, and effectively marketing the product in the retail environment.


Priority Plastics tight-head containers are built for the important responsibility of keeping the contents they carry secure, so the handler is able to safely and confidently focus on getting the job done


Everything about food is changing, from the way it’s grown, packaged, moved, marketed, sold, consumed. A superfast expansion solution from a few products to 50 SKUs in a short time.


Our global network, regional hubs, warehouses, and our dedicated team of specialists brings focused solutions to your oil & gas activities. You benefit from our end-to-end sea, air, land/rail transports.